In Defense

Strong Defense

As a former Air Force pilot and current member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I understand that we live in a truly dangerous world.

I understand that the primary responsibility of the federal government is “to provide for the common defense.”

Because it is a dangerous world, we ask a lot of our military. We owe it to them to provide these brave men and women the necessary equipment, training, and resources they need to keep us safe.

I also recognize that the world is a better place when the United States stands up for the principles of freedom. The world looks to us for leadership. We may not like that, we may not want it, we may not have asked for this responsibility, but it still remains the truth.

Sadly, President Obama and his abysmal national security policies have left the world questioning our ability to lead. Our enemies have become emboldened by our absence, leaving our allies to wonder if we will stand with them when it really matters.

I have dedicated my life to fighting for our freedoms. Nothing I could do is more important. I will never quit in this fight.