Land Management

We must be stewards of this beautiful earth. As a nation, over recent decades we have drastically reduced pollution, mainstreamed recycling, educated the public, and avoided ecological degradation.

I believe Utah is the most beautiful state in this country, and its lands must be cared for by those local leaders and citizens that know it best. States have both the expertise and the resources to oversee the lands within their borders–much more so than Washington bureaucrats thousands of miles away. This is why I have sponsored numerous bills to increase state control of public lands, including a bill last December to codify the boundaries of the Grand Staircase and create a new national park. That being said, I do NOT support privatizing or selling all of our public lands.


I support responsible development of oil, natural gas, clean coal, and a variety of economically viable renewable energy options. I encourage the cost-effective development of all renewable energy sources, best pursued, in my experience, by private capital. 


I am committed to protecting environmental integrity while also supporting energy development to bring in needed revenue, jobs, and overall security.