Grow the Economy

Prior to being elected to Congress, I was a small business owner. I know first-hand the trials that many businesses and individuals face in today’s economy.

I understand that government often makes it harder, not easier, for business leaders to succeed.

The key for a prosperous economy rests with the entrepreneurial spirit that made our nation great.

If we could reduce the power and influence of the federal government, we would allow Americans to do what they do best—innovate and improve. That would cause our economy to explode.  As the economy would begin to expand, tax receipts would increase, helping to reduce our federal debt. Employment will also pick up. And the jobs that will be created will be real jobs, not artificial positions created by government borrowing and debt. People will begin to feel more confident and consumer spending will then increase, lending more strength to the economic boom.

Anything we can do to reduce the power and influence of the federal government will strengthen our economy and help us reclaim the American dream.