When I first ran for Congress I made specific promises to the voters of the 2nd Congressional District.

I promised to reign in out-of-control spending. When I was first elected our country had annual deficits of over $1 trillion. I have worked to decrease our deficit by over 60%. I voted for budgets that decreased spending for three consecutive years for the first time since the Korean War. There is so much more work to do, but we are making progress.

I promised to be a leader on national security issues. I serve on the highly influential Intelligence Committee. I have become an expert on national security issues and other Members of Congress rely on my expertise to make informed decisions regarding the safety of our country.

I promised to hold government accountable. I was appointed to the powerful Appropriations Committee. My work on this committee sets funding levels and species how federal agencies can and cannot spend taxpayer’s dollars. There is no more important means by which Congress applies the power of the purse to influence policy.

I promised to fight to return control of land to Utah. I formed and chair the Federal Land Action Group, which is working to create the legislative framework to return control of our lands to the state and local governments.

I have kept the promises I made to you. There is still more progress to be made and I will continue to fight for you and conservative values.